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Our goal here at IjaraUSA.com is to be your informational resource for Islamic loan and finance solutions through LaRiba or Shariah compliant no interest financing methods. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an Islamic loan for your home or business, we can assist you with structuring a Sharia Compliant solution with any licensed lender. We offer Murabaha, Musharaka or Ijara wa Iqtina Islamic mortgage alternatives, all of which are Shariah compliant. Looking for a Halal mortgage structure that is Riba Free? We can help.

Islamic Mortgage Overview

When it comes to Islamic finance and Muslim mortgages, the primary goal is to make sure that nobody profits unreasonably from any sale or leasing agreement. Both the buyer and seller or the lender and borrower should benefit from any transaction, as dictated by Shariah or Islamic law. The Islamic law system is designed to be completely just and fair so that no one is taken advantage of, and so there are many specific provisions to consider when engaging in this type of transaction.

One of the biggest considerations that you are going to want to make when it comes to a Muslim mortgage is that Muslim mortgages cannot charge interest payments from the borrower. The reason is because interest payments allow the lender or bank to profit unreasonably from the sale of the home. Muslim financing, then, should always be interest free financing or free of Riba. The bank or lender is still going to earn a commission or a profit on the sale of the home, because every business should earn a profit, but by avoiding earning a Halal return, the lender or bank is going to earn a fair profit and the home buyer or borrower is going to pay a fair price in the process.

Islamic finance follows Shariah, the rules of Islamic law, and so this area of financing is quite unlike traditional western world financing. If you are a Muslim home buyer, or a lender trying to work with Islamic home buyers, then you need to become well versed in this type of financing so that you can make sure your transactions are conducted in accordance with Islamic law. It will take a little bit of research and understanding to grasp how this type of financing works, but the effort is well worthwhile when you consider the benefits. IjaraUSA.com can assist you by providing a system that is Sharia Compliant and fits easily within traditional banking systems.

Regular mortgages and Muslim mortgages are quite different for several reasons. Make sure that you understand what these differences are, because you have to follow Islamic law and avoid Riba while conducting this type of financial transaction. A little bit of research on the ijarausa.com website will help your understanding of the Islamic Finance process and can really go a long way in making sure that you conduct these types of transactions safely and in a manner that benefits all involved parties equally.